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Capturing Magical Memories: Ultimate Guide to Disney World's Best Photopass Locations

Walt Disney World is a treasure trove of magical moments, and what better way to capture those memories than with Disney's Photopass service? From iconic park landmarks to hidden gems, we've curated the ultimate guide to the best Photopass locations across all four parks and beyond.

Magic Kingdom Photopass

Memory Maker with Cinderella Castle as the backdrop is a magical memory
Capture the Magic with Memory Maker at Magic Kingdom
  1. Cinderella Castle: The heart of Magic Kingdom provides a fairy-tale backdrop for enchanting photos. Capture the castle's beauty from various angles.

  2. Main Street, U.S.A.: The nostalgic charm of Main Street offers a perfect setting, especially during parades or when adorned with festive decorations.

  3. Haunted Mansion Exit: After surviving the ghostly delights of the Haunted Mansion, pose near the exit for a spooky yet fun memory.

  4. Tangled Rest Area: Seek out the enchanting lantern-themed area inspired by "Tangled" for a whimsical backdrop.

Epcot Photopass

Memory Maker photos from Epcot including one with Figment in front of Spaceship Earth
Capture the thrills and the pavilions with Photopass at Epcot
  1. Spaceship Earth: Iconic and futuristic, Spaceship Earth provides a stunning backdrop. Try capturing it during the golden hours for an extra magical touch.

  2. World Showcase: Each pavilion in the World Showcase offers unique cultural settings. France, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, is particularly romantic.

  3. Guardians of the Galaxy: For a unique shot, explore the Living with the Land attraction and snap a photo in the greenhouse.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Photopass

Some Memory Maker photos from Disney's Hollywood Studios
Memory Maker at Hollywood Studios is out of this world
  1. Tower of Terror: Capture the eerie charm of the Hollywood Tower Hotel, especially during sunset for a dramatic effect.

  2. Toy Story Land: Shrinking down to toy size, Toy Story Land offers playful and colorful photo opportunities.

  3. Batuu (Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge): Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe by capturing moments in Batuu. The Millennium Falcon makes for an epic backdrop.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Memory Maker photos from Pandora, Asia and with the Tree of Line at Animal Kingdom Park
Wild moments can happen anywhere in Animal Kingdom, capture them with Photopass
  1. Tree of Life: The intricate carvings on the Tree of Life provide a majestic setting. Experiment with different angles to highlight its details.

  2. Pandora – The World of Avatar: Bioluminescent flora and floating mountains in Pandora create a surreal atmosphere. Nighttime shots are especially mesmerizing.

  3. Expedition Everest: For a thrilling photo, head to Expedition Everest. Capture the coaster in motion or pause near the iconic Yeti.

Beyond the Parks

  1. Disney Springs: The vibrant atmosphere of Disney Springs offers numerous photo opportunities. Don't miss the colorful hot air balloon.

  2. BoardWalk: Stroll along Disney's BoardWalk and capture the charm of this bustling waterfront entertainment area.

  3. Resort Lobbies: Many Disney resorts boast grand lobbies with themed décor. The Grand Floridian and Animal Kingdom Lodge are notable for picturesque settings.

  4. Transportation: From monorails to boats, Disney's various transportation modes provide unique photo opportunities against scenic backdrops.

Memory Maker

From Tron to Rock N Roller Coaster and even Seven Dwarfs Mine Train the Memory Maker captures the moment
Capture the thrill of the moment with Memory Maker

Unlock the full enchantment of your Disney vacation by adding Memory Maker to your package for just $185 USD. With Memory Maker, every laughter-filled moment, heartwarming hug, and thrilling adventure is professionally captured by Disney's skilled photographers. From iconic park landmarks to character meet-and-greets, this magical service ensures that you and your loved ones are present in every photo, transforming your experience into a cherished visual story. Forget the hassle of taking selfies or asking strangers to snap a shot—simply enjoy the moment, knowing that Disney's Memory Maker has you covered. From the first dazzling castle view to the last unforgettable hug from Mickey, this $185 investment is a priceless addition that guarantees your Disney memories will last a lifetime. Don't miss out on reliving the magic—elevate your vacation with Memory Maker!


A few examples of Memory Maker photos with MagicShot extras.
Ask for a MagicShot from your Photopass Photographer, you never know what Disney Magic they will add

Enhance your Disney Memory Maker experience by adding a sprinkle of extra magic with Magic Shots! Simply ask any Disney PhotoPass photographer for a Magic Shot, and watch as enchanting Disney characters and whimsical elements are seamlessly added to your photos. Whether it's Tinker Bell perched on your shoulder or a burst of Disney confetti surrounding your family, these playful surprises bring an extra touch of fantasy to your captured moments. Don't be shy—asking for Magic Shots is like unlocking a secret portal to a world of creative photo fun! Elevate your Memory Maker journey by collecting these delightful surprises, ensuring that your Disney photo collection is as unique and whimsical as your magical adventure.

Disney's Photopass service ensures that every smile, every hug, and every magical moment is captured for a lifetime. Use this guide to explore the best Photopass locations at Walt Disney World, creating a visual diary of your unforgettable journey through the most magical place on Earth.


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